Our Mission

Make Digital Vouchers accessible in everyday consumer payment & business programs.

What We Do

Founded in 2019, eZawadi is the leading digital voucher platform in Kenya and is now on it’s way to being the only company with the largest redemption ecosystem in the world. With a  catalogue of 1 Million+ merchant redemption options, eZawadi is able to provide customized, convenient and experiential services that cut across loyalty, incentives, online, retail & other international networks.

We have built and scaled a comprehensive digital voucher platform that not only transcends but to meets emerging customer and business demand including:

  1. Consumer Solutions through eZawadi’s own Consumer Gifting platform (Web & Mobile). Our major distribution channel being through the Mpesa App where we are a Mini-app. 
  2. Incentive Solutions for corporates to drive employee & customer engagement and loyalty programs for points redemption.
  3. Merchant Solutions that offer an omni-channel digital Gift Card program (SaaS) to retailers to grow their sales.

We are headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya with offices in Kingstone Place, Ngong Road

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A Network of 700+ Brands, 2000+ Corporates & 40+ Major Loyalty programs,

including top banks, telcos, large enterprises & government institutions.